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For Producers

Access a deeper local market for your food products, rooted in one convenient hub.

A practical way to reach new customers and build demand in Southwest Michigan.

Selling locally can be more fulfilling and create better profit margins – but there’s just not enough time in the day to do everything necessary to sell locally at a sustainable scale.
ValleyHUB represents the largest network of buying and selling opportunities for local food in Southwest Michigan. We remove selling barriers, making it practical to deepen your local reach and grow your business.

How it Works

We simplify your relationships with local buyers.

ValleyHUB acts as a seamless facilitator from farm to kitchen.
how it works

Increase market demand for local foods like yours.

Do you have a surplus, or is there a crop you grow well? Let us help you find a market so you can focus on what you do best – creating great food.

We pick up and deliver for you.

Handling your own delivery to multiple locations around town is not practically feasible or cost effective at scale – and really not possible during the busy seasons. We handle the logistics of pickup and delivery so you can focus on what matters – producing high quality food that benefits our community.

Use one portal to reach multiple customers.

We consolidate orders from multiple customers into a single invoice, which can help you stay organized and efficient. As a program of Kalamazoo Valley Community College, we provide reliable, consistent payment (net 30 invoicing).

Gain the practical support you need to scale up.

We’re here to help you expand your business in numerous ways. We offer education and consulting around food safety practices and certification processes, including specific needs of institutional customers. We can also help you tell your story and share it widely, to help you reach new customers.
As we expand partnerships with local institutional customers, we can grow demand for local foods.

Our Commitment to You

Connecting with ValleyHUB expands your connections – and a growing sense of community. We are stronger together.

  • We will buy local products, and market and sell them as source identified – with your business name attached through the whole supply chain.

  • We will champion and promote local products in our communities, expanding your market options.

  • We will honestly communicate to both suppliers and buyers about product quality as necessary.

  • We will maintain an open relationship with suppliers and buyers based on transparent and positive communication between all parties.

  • We will ensure the safety of food products to our customers, and will support suppliers as needed to comply with all relevant regulations and best practices.

  • We will keep trying our best, adjusting our operations, and learning with you.

How to Partner

It’s simple.

Ask about new opportunities.

We actively seek grants and new partnerships for recruiting growers, buyers and community partners. Ask us what’s new! Follow along on our blog and social media.


  • 1.

    Connect by asking us to Become a Partner or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • 2.

    Let’s meet. We’ll talk about what products you want to sell, and which of our customers might fit. We’ll review our supplier requirements and answer your questions.

  • 3.

    Ready to sell? We’ll ask for some simple paperwork, and then we’ll set you up with credentials to our online store, Local Line, and help you create your inventory.

  • 4.

    Get ready for your first order!

Please allow for 1-4 months for the partnership to be finalized.

Once you’re on board:

  • 1.
    You keep your inventory updated, set your prices and edit your Supplier Profile. We’ll remind you and can help as needed!
  • 2.
    We will work together to identify the right customers for your products, and make sure they know what you have available.
  • 3.
    Local Line manages orders and invoices – you’ll get an automatic alert when a customer places an order, and a confirmation the day before a scheduled pickup or delivery.