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For Buyers

Local food has never been easier to find in Southwest Michigan.

ValleyHUB helps you reach “buy local” goals on a larger scale.

  • Discover new local products and opportunities.
  • Align supply with demand.
  • Group local orders into one delivery / one invoice.

How it Works

We simplify your relationships with local producers.

ValleyHUB acts as a seamless facilitator from farm to kitchen.
local producers

Think of us as your local foods matchmaker.

If you have a specific local food need or sourcing goal, just ask. We can make connections with suppliers in our network, and seek out new ones for new opportunities. Or, connect directly with producers you know and make plans – and then loop ValleyHUB in when you want our help.

Discover a new array of local foods.

Hop on our Local Line store and start browsing. By sourcing local products all in one place, you can meet shifting market demands and bring new opportunities to the table. We make it easy to align purchasing with long-term organizational objectives.

Get all your local products in one delivery.

We’ll bundle your entire order into one delivery, one invoice – helping you scale up your local product sourcing in a sustainable fashion.
We encourage direct connections with producers.

Gain peace of mind when serving local food.

Food Safety Assured

ValleyHUB products are source-identified, stable, fresh and meet food safety standards. We bring you a level of assurance that is not always available through direct relationships with farmers or broadline distributors that claim a local product offering.

All of our producers adhere to the relevant food safety regulations for their products. We encourage our farm partners to achieve a third-party food safety certification, such as USDA Good Agricultural Practices – and we have trained staff who can help them through that process.

If GAP certification or another third-party verification of food safety practices is important to you, let us know. We will work with your suppliers to achieve it.

Fresh-cuts give you one less thing to prep.

Our fresh-cut produce is washed, trimmed and ready to serve on the salad bar or pop in the oven. Fresh-cuts are developed specifically to meet the menu and labor-saving needs of our customers, with frozen options available to extend the availability of Michigan specialties. If you don’t see what you need, ask us! We’ll do our best to develop that product for you.

Need customized prepping? Just ask!

How to Partner

Meet with us and come tour our facility! It’s simple.

  • 1.

    Ask us to Become a Partner or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • 2.
    Come tour, if you’d like to see our facility, or we’ll set up a phone or video meeting. We can talk about what products you need, and which of our suppliers might fit.
  • 3.
    We’ll set you up with credentials to our online store, Local Line.
  • 4.
    Browse the store and make your first order whenever you’re ready!