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KalamazooVALLEY Connection

Rooted in higher education and community.

Innovation and Integration

ValleyHUB is a social enterprise food hub that is a program of Kalamazoo Valley Community College – that means we operate alongside community education and workforce development programs, with learning and innovation as a central pillar.

As we work to shift the local food system so that more healthy food ends up on local plates, we’re also part of training the future food systems professionals who will continue to drive change. Together, we’re shifting the landscape in our community, and setting the table for health and economic equity.
As food-system thinkers, we understand how individual choices, knowledge and behaviors shape and are shaped by the environment around us – norms, culture, systems and infrastructure.

We leverage our connection to Kalamazoo Valley Community College to amplify our impact.

Removing barriers to selling local food.

Alongside our logistics services that actively make it easier for small farms and makers to grow their businesses, we provide outreach, education and product development support. Our educational mission means that every transaction with ValleyHUB is an opportunity for friendly, individualized technical support.

Modeling inclusive employment and training.

ValleyHUB serves as a supportive employment site, offering low-barrier jobs for students, youth and people new to the food system workforce – and for adults with barriers to employment. We model best practices for inclusive training and teamwork, and provide on-the-job skills training in horticulture, agriculture and fresh food handling for a diverse team.

Bringing ideas to life.

ValleyHUB is a demonstration space and a living lab that supports a full range of community programs. This is where food system ideals are put into practice. Our students participate in running a real business – gaining hands-on, real-world experience.

Forging deeper connections.

We play a key role in coordinating efforts and facilitating network-building in the local food system in Kalamazoo and greater Southwest Michigan, and participate in several statewide communities of practice. This collaborative work informs our programs, helps to create jobs and business opportunities, and supports public and community projects in the food system.